Generatepress Theme Review: Powerful, Responsive, Modern WordPress Theme

GeneratePress is one of the most popular and highest rated WordPress themes in the market today.

It is a multipurpose theme that can be used to create any kind of website. In the 5 years since it launched, it has been one of the most stable, feature-rich, fast, and best-supported WordPress themes available.


GeneratePress has a strong focus on excellent performance and small, clean code. The theme size is less than 30 kB, which is the smallest WordPress theme you’ll find. This makes it incredibly fast to load and one of the fastest WordPress themes out there.

Generatepress Theme Review

Processing through 200+ reviews, this theme received an average rating of 4.8/5 stars, which means that many of the readers loved it.

GeneratePress runs on a custom content management system, making it accessible to the most experienced developers, designers, and content creators. It is an excellent choice for small business websites, portfolio websites, blog designs, and most creative projects.

generatepress theam review

GeneratePress is super-fast, lightweight, and ready to serve. It can handle loads of traffic without any problems, without falling into the WTF? state.

It is also very compatible with WordPress, being a MAMP (Manga Installer) ready theme. You can fully customize the look and feel of the GeneratePress theme.

Generatepress Design

GeneratePress’s design is centered around bold typography and responsive design.

To make it extra fast, GeneratePress has the Nested Spinner Plugin which makes it easy to load content and return to the main page without any animation.

The big typography creates a powerful and clear visual impression. The theme’s color palette is neutral, making it suitable for all kinds of websites.

Generatepress Design

Batch Development and Continuous Updates With a flat, minimal design, GeneratePress is a pleasure to work with.

Creating multiple pages and galleries is incredibly easy, and the amazing CSS grid makes it easy to organize your code efficiently. No code changes are needed for updates, and you can automatically download the new update right after it has been released.

Generatepress Features

Free, Responsive Multipurpose WordPress Theme Can be used for any kind of site. Be it a news website, social network, eCommerce store, or anything in between. There are multiple page templates for creating multiple websites.

Uses Github JavaScript library to provide powerful, and fast updates. Powerful and Responsive Media Manager. Set of Basic and Advanced Customizer Tools to change the appearance of your website.

Generatepress Features

Use of TinyMCE IDE which makes it a breeze to develop any kind of website. Clean and Straight Forward Code. Extensive and diverse options to customize the layout and appearance of your website.

Ability to manage from all around the world. Support for PHP, MySQL, and Joomla. Complete support for WooCommerce, Magento, and other Ecommerce platforms.

Generatepress Page Builder

GeneratePress Page Builder, a popular feature of the generator theme, is fast and simple to use.

Users will be able to build their first page within minutes, which means that the pages they create will be mobile-friendly and highly optimized for mobile devices. Widgets The theme comes with a large range of widgets to customize the look of the page.

If you are not interested in widgets or don’t need a specific widget, then you can easily disable them. Other Features You’ll also get various useful premium extensions like a NextGEN Gallery, a Refocus, a Dashboard, a Contact Form 7, and more.

The theme comes with W3C-enabled Google fonts and a wide range of responsive designs to improve your site’s SEO potential.

Generatepress Pricing

GeneratePress is free to download and is available for a limited time at no charge. So you have nothing to lose. Or is there? To the core, a free theme means nothing if you can’t find the advantages for your needs.

We’d suggest you study our review to learn how this theme can truly help your website and projects. And now we’ll show you how we came to this conclusion.


So let’s do it. GeneratePress Features Lightweight GeneratePress is light enough to not slow down websites under 2 MB.

Full Support GeneratePress has 24/7/365 support that covers a broad range of customizations and special requests. Large Gallery Every photo you use on your website is available in the gallery, including custom images.

Generatepress Support

There is no question that WordPress is one of the most popular web design platforms in the world, with over 250,000,000 website visitors every month.

This means there is a wide community of developers and developers ready to help you if you have any issues or problems with your WordPress website. In my experience, GeneratePress was one of the easiest themes to set up on WordPress.

Generatepress Support

It comes pre-built with all the plugins you need and is almost ready to go right out of the box. However, there are a couple of issues with the support.

There is a premium plugin called WP WHM. If you do not have a valid license for WP WHM, GeneratePress can not install plugins to your WordPress site.


GeneratePress has a lot of features and benefits to offer. This theme can be used for blogs, eCommerce stores, portals, and more. It is well designed with the most number of customization options.

The developers have tried to take the theme a long way by introducing helpful widgets, helpful animations and filters, informative website settings, a special contact form, contact form links, a header slider, and a gallery with 14 lightboxes.

The theme is also flexible and comes with a variety of pre-built plugins to ease the WordPress integration.

GeneratePress is developed by a team of expert developers and designers. The themes team includes a great team of seasoned designers with an extensive experience in WordPress and related technologies.

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