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Pay Per Lead is a type of marketing in which any merchant is paying the marketing person for each valid lead that is provided by the marketing person to the merchant or advertiser. Basically, lead is the information generally in the form of contact of the ideal prospect for the business houses to which these business groups can sell their product or provide any sort of service if they are the service provider.

There are multiple programs visible on the internet which are “affiliate programs “that are paying the marketing person great commissions for each sale they made because the marketing person advertised their business on the website or other portals. But, there are few affiliate programs that are paying just for good leads, what it means is that you will receive a commission for giving the contact information of the ideal prospect. There is no catch with this. Whether the prospect made a sale, the commission is set and paid to you instantly. What’s better than that. Think!!!

So, If you are looking to make money simply by giving contacts to business houses and you have varied traffic on your portal, you now know how to cash them.  It is a consistent income, and the beauty is that you don’t have to sell anything to anyone. Just go to the best Pay Per Lead affiliate programs and promote the business. Simple!!!

 Additionally, there are a few terminologies that you need to understand surely, including Cost per lead (CPL) and Cost Per Action (CPA). Pay Per Lead is also referred to as Cost per lead (CPL). But if you have to perform a certain task to receive your commission, then the terminology used is Cost Per Action (CPA).

Why Advertise Pay Per Lead (PPL) Affiliate Programs?

You might be thinking that why do so much effort for a small amount of money and it is not worth it. But this is not true. See, if you go and promote a few good Pay Per Lead offers, it will surely get well in the coming times. And the income which is steady in the first will going to boom. And why not mix high ticket offers with few affiliate programs and few pay-per-lead affiliate programs in the basket. As it is a great saying not to put all the eggs in a single basket. It will diversify your market strategy and will give you income every month, which may happen. It will make up a recurring income for you and will grasp up a high commission in the way ahead.

And this is evident also because stats show that since 2015, more and more people (200% y/o/y) choose to earn from Pay Per Lead Affiliate Programs. Why not you?

Top 5 Pay Per Lead Affiliate Programs (Huge Commission)

Without further delay, let us tell you about the main Pay Per Lead Affiliate Programs that will give you high commissions and make you rich. FYI, these all platforms are free to signup.

List of Best Pay Per Lead Affiliate

 1. ShareASale

It is one of the most reputed affiliate marketplaces with total traffic of around 97 lakhs annually. This shows the craze of this platform in affiliate promoters. ShareASale also supplies expertise to build their advertisers. They provide merchandise related to the service sector like Green business, Fashion, etc. They are well versed in their software Program merchandise.

 If you want to earn a high commission from this, then this platform consists of many high-paying affiliate applications which give a huge quantum of fee as well. They pay their associates as high as 30$ for a single lead. This is pay per lead as a benchmark.

Software Program (Affiliate): ShareASale

Cookie (Days): 60

Commission (in $) : 30

2. Hiscox

This is an insurance coverage company that provides tailor-made insurance policies to its clients. The only predicament is that it is working within the United States. It provides Property insurance protection, Skilled legal advice, Short-term legal advice, etc to its clients. It began its operations in 1901 and is the oldest and securest firm to work as an affiliate with. The status and reputation of the organization are immense and the kind of merchandise they provide, it is a masterpiece in its own form.

They have served more than Four lakhs of small organization’s build their business. One basic service they provide to their affiliates is that they have a dedicated person to supervise all the queries and made replies to them within the stipulated time.

Software Program (Affiliate): Payoneer

Cookie (Days): N/A

Commission (in $): 25

3. Skillshare

It is a platform attracting educators and skill-seekers. This platform provides a number of courses for students to enhance their skills. It is having free and paid courses mainly in artwork, images, designing, enterprise, etc. The courses provided by the platform are taken up by experts in their fields having wide experience and hence the platform had traffic of over 80 lakhs annually. They have millions of tutors which are having skills in online teaching. And can provide results with efficiency.

Skilled professionals are the main source of income for these platforms which enrolled themselves to enhance their skills and study new subjects to do high in their careers. It is an efficient means to earn from an affiliate as they provide programs liked by the majority of the population.

Software Program (Affiliate): SalesFunnels Software

Cookie (Days): 30

Commission (in %) : 40

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4. ClickFunnels

ClickFunnels is one of the busiest platforms and a highly top-rated portal. Its advertising and marketing model is so unique that ClickFunnels is loved by many entrepreneurs. Hundreds of companies have long-duration tie-up with this because of their work culture and out-of-the-box thinking. ClickFunnels supply a lot of material to their affiliates to choose what kind of product they want to advertise on their websites. All theme-based advertisements are available for a single product. This is the specialty of this portal. So, affiliates have a lot to earn as a fee for producing leads.

  Its main functions are touchdown pages, email marketing, recruiting associates, etc. It is the best site to make passive income because as soon as the referral is signed up, ClickFunnels starts providing advertising and marketing to the referral. Millions of products are available to advertise. If a referral purchases a membership of ClickFunnels, then earnings become manifold. You can earn up to 40% recurring commission on it. And successful sales fetch a flat $100 per buyer.

Software Program (Affiliate): Impact

Cookie (Days): 45

Commission (in %): 40

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5. National Debt Relief

As the name suggests, the only purpose of the portal is to give assistance to the user to come out of debt. Bank card debt is the actuated and made plans to create the lowest-cost plan for the individual. It is a highly utilized service nowadays when card usage is the maximum ever. Hence, shows in the traffic of the portal having around 47 lakhs annually. Promotion of this platform is generally for users of bank cards having debt mountain and finance requirements.

You can make profits from this portal of 2 types. Firstly, PPL, in this you can earn up to $27.5 for every debt reduction quote. It is a survey-based lead that requires a max of 30 seconds to fill. Secondly, additionally 12% override is also being provided for each referral.

Software Program (Affiliate): Debt reduction and consolidation

Cookie (Days): N/A

Commission (in $): 27.5

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