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Since the trend of working from home began to isolate, ZOOM app becomes more and more popular among working professionals but it has been widely criticized for privacy reasons.Even after launching a lot of measures for security and features but the video calling app is still in concerns. The Indian government ban the use of up to 59 Chinese applications, so some people claim that the Zoom video call application is also a Chinese application. However, this is not a Chinese, but an American. The company’s chief executive has denied all allegations and connections with the Chinese government.

Zoom App is of Which Country?

Zoom App was founded by the American billionaire Eric Yuan. Eric Yuan is also the company’s CEO and owns 22% of Zoom Video Communications. This is an American company located in California. Delaware. It is a global multinational company. Like many multinational companies, Zoom also has subsidiaries and employees in China. When it comes to the privacy statement, the vulnerabilities found give the impression that Zoom is not safe to use.

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Online communication confirmed that more than 500,000 Zoom users are selling data. The company has made it clear that it is aware of these allegations and will take necessary actions against these allegations. As a Chinese company, it has received the attention of Indian government agencies for security reasons. According to the government’s announcement, the platform is not intended to be used by government officials and AutHorities for official purposes.

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