Android users may soon get advanced battery health insight feature, inspired by Apple iPhones

Smartphone users may soon receive timely notifications about their device’s battery health, as Android explores a feature inspired by Apple iPhones. The familiar issue of lithium-ion batteries degrading over time impacts all smartphones, diminishing their charge-holding capabilities. While this degradation is inevitable, there are strategies to slow down the process and extend the smartphone’s usability.

Drawing inspiration from Apple’s successful model, Android is contemplating the integration of a battery health monitoring feature. This potential addition aims to offer Android users accurate insights into their device’s battery condition, addressing concerns that were previously tackled by third-party apps, albeit with limited accuracy.

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Android’s Approach to Battery Monitoring

Reports from Android Authority indicate that strides have already been made with Android 14, laying the groundwork for comprehensive battery health tracking. While this feature is still in development, there’s anticipation that Android 15 might be the stage for its official launch, bringing an array of battery metrics directly to users.

Google’s December 2023 UpHTdate

Aligning with the pursuit of better battery insights, Google’s recent December 2023 feature drop update for Pixel smartphones unveiled a battery information page. This page allows users to delve into essential metrics such as battery cycle count and manufacturing dates, offering a sneak peek into the overall health of their device’s battery.

The report further reveals that Android 14 collects and shares various metrics, including the date of first use, charging status, and battery health. If this battery health feature is integrated into the Android system, users will gain a comprehensive understanding of their battery’s condition, empowering them to calculate the remaining capacity compared to the original.

Mishaal Rahman, the observer of this development, highlights that the feature is not yet available in the Android settings app. However, there’s anticipation that a forthcoming update to the Settings Services app could bring this valuable functionality to the fingertips of Android users.

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