Apple iPad Pro 2024 coming! Anticipated key features and advancements you can expect

Apple enthusiasts can expect a significant revamp of the iPad Pro lineup this year, commencing with the release of the iPad Pro in March. The forthcoming Apple iPad Pro 2024 is poised for substantial upgrades, aiming to enhance its standing as one of the premier tablets on the market. According to analysts, notable improvements, including a new chipset, an enlarged and more luminous display, and a redesigned keyboard case will be rolled out thereby potentially fortifying its competitive edge. However, the success of these enhancements may be contingent on Apple’s ability to maintain competitive pricing amidst its recent trend of price hikes across its product range.

Here are three standout features to look forward to in the upcoming iPad Pro.

OLED Screens: Foremost among the anticipated changes is the transition to OLED screens for the entire iPad Pro lineup. Presently, the 11-inch iPad Pro employs an LCD screen with traditional backlighting, a technology unchanged since its introduction in 2018. In contrast, the 12.9-inch iPad Pro adopted mini-LED backlighting in 2021, providing superior brightness and contrast. The upcoming models will mark a significant shift to OLED displays, a departure from Apple’s convention, as OLED has been reserved for the iPhone and Apple Watch until now. The 12.9-inch iPad Pro might also see a size increment to 13 inches, promising an enhanced visual experience and addressing concerns such as the “blooming” issue associated with mini-LED displays, 9to5Mac reported.

New Magic Keyboard: A revamped Magic Keyboard is in the pipeline, set to transform the iPad Pro into a more laptop-like device with an upgraded aluminium frame according to Bloomberg. This marks the first update to the Magic Keyboard since its introduction in 2020. The prospect of a sturdier design and improved aesthetics aligns with Apple’s commitment to delivering a premium experience. Simultaneously, reports indicate Apple is diligently working on a new Apple Pencil with innovative features, including Find My integration and magnetically swappable tips, catering to diverse writing and drawing preferences.

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M3 Chip: Beyond visual and ergonomic enhancements, the new iPad Pro models will undoubtedly feature a substantial boost in processing power. Apple is poised to equip both the 11-inch and 13-inch iPad Pros with the M3 chip, ensuring heightened performance levels and responsiveness. This technological upgrade aligns with Apple’s commitment to providing cutting-edge hardware, further solidifying the iPad Pro’s status as a formidable device in the tablet market. As anticipation builds, consumers can look forward to a harmonious blend of aesthetic appeal and enhanced functionality with the impending iPad Pro release.

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