Apple iPhone 15 Pro steals spotlight as exclusive BTS star at the Super

In the aftermath of the electrifying Super Bowl Halftime Show, Apple has released an exclusive behind-the-scenes glimpse into the creation of the spectacle. What sets this apart? The entire video was filmed using the cutting-edge iPhone 15 Pro. Directed by Mike Carson, the video utilised more than 40 iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max devices strategically positioned throughout rehearsals and the live performance, even strapped to the performers themselves.

Carson highlighted the advantages of using the iPhone 15, expressing how it provided unprecedented coverage for the docu-style project. The absence of external lenses allowed for a multitude of angels and operators in various spaces, making the shooting process more flexible and cost-effective. Carson emphasised the ease of switching lenses instantly, a crucial aspect in capturing spontaneous and dynamic moments during the high-pressure event, The Verge reported.

LOG and ProRes Recording

The director praised the iPhone 15 Pro’s support for LOG and ProRes recording, describing it as a game-changer in handling uncontrollable lighting scenarios. The device’s capacity for retaining visual information and data with a wide dynamic range, particularly with Log recording, was essential for achieving the desired final image.

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Summing up the experience, Carson expressed his delight in the freedom the iPhone 15 Pro provided, allowing him to focus on composition, camera movement, and storytelling without being encumbered by complex gear considerations. He noted a minimal learning curve and expressed excitement about integrating the iPhone into his creative process in the future.

Xiaolong Liu, the director of photography, emphasised the portability and discretion of iPhones compared to traditional cameras. Their ability to quickly switch between lenses without additional equipment proved advantageous in fast-paced shooting situations. The unobtrusive nature of iPhones facilitated capturing natural and spontaneous shots, allowing for unique angles and tight spaces where traditional cameras might be impractical.

In short, the Super Bowl Halftime Show BTS video not only showcased the iPhone 15 Pro’s technological prowess but also left the creative team inspired to explore new possibilities and integrate iPhones into their future projects.

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