Best Ways to Increase Your Website Traffic

When you first heard about getting traffic to your website, you may have thought it was hard; you might also have gotten intimidated and thought it was probably pretty expensive. 

However, there are some Internet marketing advantages that can be taken advantage of to get more traffic to your website at an extremely low cost. All you need to do is to learn a few easy techniques and you will surely be successful with very little investment.

First, you have to find out what these Internet marketing advantages are that will allow you to get more website traffic that doesn’t cost so much. Well, you might be surprised to know that there are some great ways to increase website traffic and generate more sales/conversions for your business.

Web Traffic Is Important

To open a website requires paying for the domain, even assuming some domains are freely available over the net. For business ventures and authentic activities, a proper domain is required and we are expected to pay for this space to the owner. 

Therefore, if we are not making profits out of the websites, then all our efforts are wasted. We have to get website traffic for-profits, as it is the only way to make sales from users visiting your website. It stores the time at which the rush is more.

This creates a challenge for web designers to create a website that is informative and credible enough to get website traffic. 

They have to adopt new methods that can catch the eyes of the web users and cater to their everyday needs to entice them to visit the sites time and again. This will increase the revenue due to more advertisements being displayed on our websites.

Article Marketing:

Article marketing will usually reach solution seekers, DIY solvers, and people who are highly motivated to find your solution. Before you engage in an article marketing campaign, you should have a clear idea of what your ideal customer is. 

For example, if your ideal prospect is not highly educated, then it is unlikely that they will ever search for your 600+ word article.

Article marketing is based on educating and providing a valuable resource that people would be looking for. This means creating articles, reports, bulletins, and/or white papers in the area that you specialize in. 

You then submit your articles to online directories and COI’s (Centres of Influence) who will display (and sometimes promote) your articles to huge audiences, giving you credit and usually a link back to your website where people can find out more about you. 

This means that you can get free traffic driven to your website, and more importantly, the people that are sent to your website from your article are always qualified prospects who have taken an interest in your article, and therefore, what you have to offer. You can start your blog by choosing Hostinger or Bluehost as your hosting provider.

Marketing in this way will also serve to establish yourself as an authority on the subject, and give you and your business another point of contact with your potential customers by increasing your online exposure.


One of the most popular marketing strategies you can use to increase website traffic is SEO. Search engine optimization is actually the key factor of producing thousands of countless customers. It is through article marketing where you need to apply SEO. 

This means you put any website content related to your business with essential niches, keywords, tags, and so on. Using tools such as Semrush can help you to go deep into your website’s SEO.

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Afterward, you distribute all articles made to different blog listings and directories to expand your chance of getting more traffic. Doing this thing to every business venture you create will help you earn a big income.

Paid Advertising:

There are many methods of buying traffic for a website. Any form of online marketing that guarantees an amount of traffic, or a number of clicks to your website, for a set amount of money can be considered buying traffic. 

This rigidity can provide a transparent method to increase website visibility and track your marketing ROI but the impetus should always be on finding sources of targeted traffic.

From Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising to any other method of buying website traffic, one of the biggest benefits is its transparency. A website owner knows exactly how much they will need to spend in order to generate a specific amount of traffic. 

This allows for the accurate assessment of ROI and enables you, as a vigilant website owner and marketer, to sort the profitable wheat from the costly chaff. Methods such as PPC can generate traffic immediately, even for the newer website.

Unless managed properly, buying website traffic can be a very costly business. Many sources of website traffic pay little heed to how well targeted that traffic is, and poorly targeted traffic will not generate good net results. 

That is, your website will generate more traffic but you will not see an improvement in sales and your website ROI is more likely to take a significant tumble than a marked increase.

Valuable Blog Commenting:

Blogs are some of the most popular sites in the online arena today. Online users simply love them because they’re usually updated and they’re much more interesting to read compared to regular, boring web content. 

With the volume of traffic that these blogs are attracting every single day, you would want to use them to easily reach out to more people. You can do that through blog commenting.

Start by doing your research and identifying the most popular blogs related to your niche or to the products that you sell. Use Google Alerts and a trusted reputation management system to get the list of blogs that have a major impact on the group of people that you’re targeting. To save some time, focus your attention on the top 10-15 blogs.

Then, make time to visit these blogs at least once a week. Read their posts and react accordingly. You can share your opinion on the topics or you can add more information. As each comment that you’ll post will reflect on your business and online reputation, ensure that they’re well-thought-out and simply impressive. 

Most blog owners will allow you to insert the link of your own blog or website on your posts. If your comments are intriguing or simply amazing, you can be assured that people who are visiting the blogs that you’re using will be enticed to pay your site/blog a visit.

Realistically, you don’t need to spend more than a couple of hours per week to do this so it’s definitely not time-consuming. The key here is to prove your in-depth knowledge of each comment that you post in order to create a great first impression. Sounds easy, right? But it can definitely give you an edge over your competitors.

However, let me just tell you that just like other content-based marketing solutions, blog commenting will not offer you the kind of results that you want overnight. You have to be patient as it may take several weeks or months for your target market to notice you.

Video and Forum Marketing:

Another method of common marketing is the use of videos and forums. Video marketing refers to the making of advertisements in a form of video clips. Use these free video editing apps to edit your videos.

These videos must be uploaded to any of the world’s famous video sites like YouTube, MySpace TV, Metacafe, and LiveLeak. Many people watch videos on these sites which is a great way to promote your business. Uploading video advertisements can lead viewers to become customers.

Joining forums is also a great way to market and increase website traffic for your business. It is through this where you can build relationships or networks with other people. 

As a result, you will be able to encourage them to visit your site without directly telling them that you own it. Marketing through forums is a possible route to have traffic.

Build a subscriber list:

This is very important. To succeed in earning money for your internet marketing business, it will benefit you to have a huge list of subscribers. You can do this by offering an ezine or course on your website that site guests can subscribe to. You can also offer free ebooks through a form on your website – this is a way for you to get visitors’ email addresses.


If you want to guarantee website traffic to your site then be aware that it takes time and effort – sometimes lots of it. However, make it a bit easier on yourself by using a little bit of psychology to tempt and cajole people into your web. 


This is Guest Post by Shubham Chopra

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