Gift Yourself a Year of Online Protection for Only $50 Through 2/4

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TL;DR: Your most sensitive data can be removed from the internet with just a few clicks with a 1-year subscription to Incogni Personal Information Removal, and it’s available to new users for only $50 through 2/4 11:59 p.m. Pacific.

While it’s an advantage to have information about your business spread far and wide across the internet, that is a dangerous situation for your personal data. Yet, hundreds of companies are constantly collecting, aggregating and trading your most sensitive confidential information. Fortunately, Incogni can help you avoid the lengthy, tedious process of having your data erased from the internet, and a one-year subscription is available to new users for just $49.97 through February 4.

The manual process for finding individual data brokers and requesting them to remove your information takes far too much time and effort, plus it’s often ineffective. Incogni makes it possible for you to wipe your data with only a few clicks. You’ve worked hard to build a business, so don’t put your finances at risk by allowing your most confidential information to be vulnerable.

During the year of your subscription, your information will be removed from over 180 data brokers. Then Incogni regularly checks to ensure the data remains off their databases and searches for any new brokers that might have the information. As a result, the risk of your data being part of any breaches or being a victim of online criminal attacks is much lower. You will also find that irritating spam and telemarketing phone calls are greatly reduced.

Incogni offers increased protection from cyberattacks by hackers that include phishing and potential scams, which result in increased costs and the dangers of identity theft. So not only would this be a great bargain for you, but what could be a better Valentine’s gift than providing your favorite person with this type of peace of mind?

Get a one-year subscription to Incogni Personal Information Removal while it’s available to new users through February 4 at 11:59 p.m. Pacific for just $49.97, a 67% discount off the regular annual subscription price.

Prices and availability are subject to change.

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