iOS 18 update may bring more accessibility features to iPhone; Know what Apple has planned

Apple is renowned for its commitment to accessibility, striving to ensure that its products such as the iPhone and iPad are inclusive and user-friendly for everyone. With the upcoming release of the iOS 18 update, Apple may be continuing this tradition by introducing a range of new accessibility features and enhancements. Know what Apple has planned.

iOS 18 update: Rumoured accessibility features

According to MacRumors, Apple is diligently working on various accessibility improvements that will be integrated into iOS 18. These enhancements are aimed at making the iPhone experience more accessible and intuitive for users of all abilities.

One of the notable features reportedly in development is Adaptive Voice Shortcuts. This innovative feature may empower users to map a unique spoken phrase to a specific accessibility setting. By creating custom voice commands, users may be able to seamlessly toggle accessibility features such as VoiceOver, Voice Control, and Zoom with ease. This functionality is expected to provide greater flexibility and convenience for users navigating their devices.

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Additionally, iOS 18 may introduce a new “Categories” section for Live Speech, an existing feature within Apple’s operating systems. With this update, users may have the ability to organize phrases into customizable categories of their choosing. This organizational structure promises to enhance the efficiency of Live Speech usage, allowing users to easily access and manage their preferred phrases.

Another significant enhancement rumoured to be coming to iOS 18 is expanded support for custom font sizes across more applications. This feature, located within the Accessibility settings pane, may enable users to adjust text sizes for individual apps and tailor their reading experience to suit their preferences. By offering greater flexibility in font customization, Apple aims to improve readability and accessibility for users with diverse needs.

When will the features be released?

While these accessibility features are in development, it’s important to note that not all proposed enhancements may make it to the final release. Apple maintains rigorous standards for its products and may choose to prioritize features that best align with its commitment to accessibility and usability. With these new features, iOS 18 promises to deliver a more inclusive and empowering experience for iPhone users worldwide.

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