iPhone 14 Pro Max, iPhone 15 Pro Max top world’s best-selling smartphone list; now, buy one with huge discount

In a significant milestone, iPhone 14 Pro Max, and iPhone 15 Pro Max, Apple’s “iPhone Pro Max” models, helped it claim the title of the world’s best-selling smartphone. “iPhone Pro Max” has secured its position as the most popular smartphone globally, based on statistics from 2023. Market analysis by Canalys reveals that both the iPhone 14 Pro Max and the subsequent iPhone 15 Pro Max claimed the top spots in global annual shipments for the first time.

Premium Appeal of iPhone 14 Pro Max and iPhone 15 Pro Max Series

This achievement underscores the ongoing dominance of the iPhone in the market, with Apple models occupying seven of the top ten spots in global shipments. Notably, the preference for the iPhone Pro Max variants over the standard Pro models signals a deliberate strategy by Apple to emphasise premium features and capitalise on the growing demand for larger-screen devices, TechRadar reported.

Distinguishing itself from its predecessors, the iPhone 15 Pro Max offers exclusive features such as a 5x optical zoom, enhanced battery life, and increased storage capacity, catering to consumers seeking top-tier performance and capabilities.

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Analysts’ Insights and Future Outlook

In a broader context, the dominance of Apple’s iPhone Pro Max series reflects a broader trend in consumer preferences towards premium smartphones. Despite the presence of Android devices in the top ten rankings, Apple’s strategic focus on high-end offerings has propelled its flagship models to the forefront of the market.

Analysts attribute Apple’s success to several factors, including the sustained popularity of larger-screen devices and attractive trade-in offers, contributing to the increasing market share of premium smartphones.

Looking ahead, speculation surrounding the upcoming iPhone 16 Pro suggests a continuation of key features from the iPhone 15 Pro Max series, hinting at a sustained interest in larger, feature-rich smartphones. As the smartphone landscape evolves, the enduring appeal of devices like the iPhone 15 Pro Max underscores a shift towards premium offerings that redefine consumer expectations in the mobile industry.

iPhone 15 Pro Max discount on Amazon

Yes, this amazing smartphone has received a substantial price cut in India and you don’t have to pay the full rate. The iPhone 15 Pro Max is currently on sale for 148900, down from its original price of Rs. 159900. This means there’s a discount of Rs. 11000. Discounts on iPhone Pro models are rare, so now might be the best time to buy one. It’s a good idea to check other platforms for deals to get the lowest price. Also, consider exchange offers on various e-commerce sites, as they could further reduce the price.

iPhone 14 Pro Max discount on Flipkart

The 128GB variant of the iPhone 14 Pro Max is originally priced at Rs.134900, but you can purchase it for Rs.127999 from Flipkart, saving you a whopping 5 percent on the smartphone. Take note that there are just a few models left in stock, so purchase yours before they sell out.

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