iPhone 15 Pro charging boost? Leak reveals Apple testing 150W Type-C cable

With the iPhone 15 series, Apple is expected to make the shift to USB Type-C, getting rid of the Lightning port which has been present on its iPhones for a decade, beginning with the iPhone 5. This move seems to be out of necessity and not by choice, as the latest EU regulation stipulates that all devices are required to have USB Type-C as the standard connector, in an effort to reduce e-waste. A few days ago, it was reported that Apple would be limiting the charging speed of the standard iPhone 15 models, and potential buyers would have to buy Apple-certified cables to take advantage of maximum charging speeds.

Now, another leak has surfaced which claims that only the standard iPhone 15 models would be affected by this, while the Pro models could get the fastest charging speed ever seen on an iPhone.

iPhone 15 Pro to get a charging boost

Quoting an X post by user Majin Bu on August 24, we reported that Apple’s USB Type-C cables for the standard iPhone 15 would only be 2.0 certified, and it could result in slower charging times and data transfer speeds. However, this move might only affect the vanilla models as the user’s latest leak claims that Apple is reserving a Thunderbolt USB Type-C cable only for the iPhone 15 models. In an X post, the user wrote, “Looks like Apple has actually tested a Thunderbolt cable for the iPhone 15 Pro and it will probably be released exclusively for the Pro models.”

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As per the leak, the Thunderbolt cable would be 70cm long and could offer a power output of up to 150W. However, it is unlikely that the iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max would feature such outrageous charging capabilities. The leaker further claimed that the braided USB Type-C cable would be based on USB 4 gen 2 and could even support 4K 60Hz output.

This leak supports a previous report by ChargerLAB who spotted a Thunderbolt chip in the USB Type-C connector of the iPhone 15 series. If this report turns out to be true, then it could be possible that Apple is reserving faster charging and data transfer capabilities for its Pro models of the iPhone 15 series.

Do note that the above information is based on unofficial reports and should be taken with a pinch of salt. Only the official confirmation by Apple will reveal actual details about the iPhone 15 series, which is expected to be at the Apple event which is reportedly scheduled for September 12.

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