iPhone 15 Pro-Stepping stone toward Apple’s dream iPhone, says Mark Gurman

In exciting news for iPhone fans, the upcoming iPhone 15 Pro models are likely to receive a sleek new design and some other quite impressive features. Apple plans to replace the stainless-steel edges with a stronger and lighter material: titanium. This move comes after successful tests of titanium on recent Apple Watches, and the company is eager to bring this premium material to its flagship device, the iPhone, according to a report by Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman. And iPhone 15 series is set to get it, he adds.

iPhone 15: Towards Apple’s Dream iPhone

“The new lineup will mark another stepping stone toward the company’s dream iPhone,” says Gurman. He explains that Apple has been long dreaming of an “iPhone that is truly all-screen — with no borders around the display and no cutouts for cameras or sensors”. He adds that with the iPhone 15, Apple is set to take another step forward to achieve that goal.

The process has been continuing for years and started with the iPhone X way back in 2017. The goal has been pursued with iPhone 12, iPhone 13 Pro, when the size of the notch was reduced, and last, it was replaced by the Dynamic Island.

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In 2023, the iPhone 15 itself will get the Dynamic Island, removing the notch altogether, moving it towards that all-screen target. The iPhone 15 Pro will get something even better. Gurman says, “… the Pro and Pro Max displays will be made with a new technology: low-injection pressure over-molding, or “LIPO” as it’s dubbed inside Apple”.

The effect? It will shrink the border size around the display to 1.5 millimeters (from about 2.2 millimeters on current iPhones), adds Gurman.

A Smoother Experience Inside

Among other specs, Gurman says while the frosted glass back will be retained, the edges connecting the sides and front of the iPhone 15 Pro will now have a smoother and less sharp look. This revamp in design is not just about aesthetics but also aims to make the phone easier to repair.

Inside the iPhone 15 Pro, there will be significant upgrades too. The phone will be powered by a new 3-nanometer chip, making it noticeably faster than its predecessors. Users can expect a smoother and snappier experience while using their iPhones.

One major change that might divide opinions is the move to USB-C. While this change will enable faster data transfer for those who still sync their devices with a cable, some consumers may find it inconvenient, especially if they have invested in Lightning cables and accessories.

Significant Camera Upgrades

The camera department will see a significant boost as well. The rear camera will receive major upgrades, including improved lenses and a wider range of optical zoom for the largest model. Photography enthusiasts will likely appreciate these improvements.

Customisable Action Button

Earlier plans for touch-sensitive buttons with haptic feedback for volume controls, mute/ring switch, and power button, codenamed Bongo, have been canceled due to engineering challenges and cost concerns. Instead, the mute/ring switch will become an “Action button” similar to the one found on the Apple Watch. Users will be able to customize its function through software, giving them more flexibility in using their iPhones.

Developers have also discovered exciting possibilities for this Action button. Users might be able to set it to switch to Focus mode, launch the camera, turn on the flashlight, or access various accessibility and translation features.

However, as with any major upgrades, some consumers should be prepared for potential price increases, especially outside the United States. The move to titanium and the enhanced camera system on the iPhone 15 Pro Max may result in a higher cost. In the United States, some of the pro models might also see a price increase, reveals Gurman.

With its sleek design, improved features, and exciting customization options, iPhone 15 series promises to be a hit among Apple enthusiasts worldwide.

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