iPhone 16 Pro to get BIG camera upgrade! Here is the big reason why

Apple has been rumoured to bring the tetraprism lens to the iPhone 16 Pro next year if reports are to be believed. The Cupertino-based tech giant finally brought the periscope lens to its iPhone this year, years after Samsung first featured it. However, it is only the top-end iPhone 15 Pro Max that features it. But things could change next year, as not just the iPhone 16 Pro Max, but the iPhone 16 Pro is also rumoured to get it, and it could enhance the photographic capabilities of the iPhone. Here’s why.

iPhone 16 camera upgrade

Back in March, Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo suggested that not the iPhone 15 series, but the iPhone 16 series would be the first to feature two iPhones with a telephoto camera. That certainly proved to be true as only the iPhone 15 Pro Max features it. Now, in the latest post on Medium, Kuo reiterated that the tetraprism lens, also known as the periscope lens or the telephoto camera, will be coming to the iPhone 16 Pro next year.

This is reportedly due to Apple’s periscope lens supplier Lagran increasing its yield rates. Lagran is Apple’s exclusive supplier of the new lens, and the company has been making efforts to increase the percentage of modules that pass the quality checks. In Q3 2023, Lagran had a yield rate of about 40 percent, which has been increased to about 70 percent in Q4, leading to profitability for the company.

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And this increase in yield is reportedly why Apple is also likely to bring the telephoto camera to the iPhone 16 Pro. As per the analyst, it could lead to a 160 percent YoY growth in iPhones with this camera in 2024.

A previous report suggests that to fit the larger telephoto lens in the smaller iPhone 16 Pro, Apple is also looking to increase its size from 6.1-inch to 6.3-inch. Meanwhile, another report claims that Apple will bring in special moulded glass lenses that would be fitted on the telephoto camera. This would allow the Cupertino-based tech giant to fit in larger lenses without compromising the small form factor of the iPhone 16 Pro.

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