This Clever Desktop Productivity Tool is Nearly $100 Off Now

Get in control of your digital life with Control D, a powerful tool that unleashes your productivity, boosts performance and more. Now at $27.99 through 12/25.

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Technology is meant to be convenient. With Control D, your computer will take productivity and flexibility up a notch with intuitive shortcuts and performance boosts for your digital life.

Every business can benefit from finding ways to boost productivity and do our best work. When basic technology isn’t enough, there’s an app for that, as they say, and Control D is the one-touch solution to take complete control over your digital performance. During our Digital Blowout, you can get a 5-year Some Control Plan for an additional $12 off our regularly discounted price for a final rate of just $27.99.

Control D has earned a perfect 5-star rating on Product Hunt because it makes it easy to boost performance, increase productivity and enjoy a better computing experience. It blocks ads, offers distraction controls and enhances security and performance in your internet browsers for a better online experience. With custom productivity tools, you can block distractions and set unique browsing profiles for different devices at different times of the day, which can be great for regulating employees.

With a Some Control Plan, you’ll have unlimited usage and support for up to 10 devices. You can create 10,000 custom rules and access 15 native filters, as well as many popular third-party blocklists to increase productivity and security. It offers multi-profile support so you can set specific rules for everybody in the office or give yourself specific rules on different days of the week or different times of the day.

Get in control of your digital life. Now through Christmas Day, you can get a 5-year Some Control Plan from Control D for $27.99 (reg. $120).

Prices and availability are subject to change.

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