Warning! Don’t use the wrong USB-C cable with your new iPhone 15; here’s why

Apple launched its new iPhone 15 lineup on September 12, at the Wonderlust event. The company announced various new additions and improvements to the new generation including the transition to the USB-C type charging port, from the old Lightning port, on all the newly launched devices. Now, as per recent reports, Apple is urging iPhone 15 users to use USB-C cables that meet safety regulations to keep their new iPhone safe. Know more about the warning here.

iPhone 15 USB-C cables safety regulations

According to a report by Express UK, iPhone 15 owners are being advised to remain extremely cautious while using a USB-C cable, as it could lead to severe damage to their device if it does not meet the stringent Apple safety guidelines. USB-C charging port is a first for all iPhones and many users may not be aware of the consequences of using a charger that is not compatible.

According to a New Times report, all USB-C cables are not all similar. The iPhone’s Lightning cable for example has two chips, one of which has Apple authentication, and the other acts as a fuse that isolates damage to the charger and iPhone during electricity fluctuations. In terms of USB-C cables, all cables are not built with the same protection mechanisms and some cheap chargers can actually damage an iPhone 15. Also read: iPhone 15 sale: Check Croma, Amazon, Flipkart and other offers

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To protect your iPhone 15 from any malfunction caused by chargers, Apple recommends using MFi badge chargers, these chargers are certified by Apple and they can be utilized for all Apple products. Additionally, if you are using other brand chargers, make sure that they meet certain safety regulations. Ensure your charging setup includes a robust cable and a high-quality charging brick.

The shift from Lighting charge to USB-C port may come as a new experience for iPhone users, however, Apple ensures that the change will bring various benefits and improve the user experience.

The iPhone 15 lineup is now available for pre-booking and it will go on sale from September 22, 2023. So, make sure to purchase their Adapter and USB-C cable for safe and fast charging. Furthermore, iPhone users can also go for wireless charging to avoid such mishaps entirely.

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