Will Apple iPhone 15 get newly styled cases? Check what the latest leak says

The grand Apple Event of the year is speculated to be just around the corner and it is creating a buzz among tech enthusiasts and Apple fans everywhere. While there is new speculation about the iPhone 15 almost every day, the same has broadened to even envelop some of the accessories, in particular, iPhone 15 cases.

Woven-style Case

According to the latest report by 9to5Mac, Apple could be opting for a new woven-style case design to replace the beloved leather options during the Apple Event. While Apple maintains its tradition of keeping product details tightly under wraps until launch day, rumors are also suggesting that the familiar leather cases might not be making an appearance this year. These cases have long been admired by users for their protective qualities and luxurious appearance, which also contribute to the premium feel of Apple’s devices.

Now, a tipster by the name UnclePan has explained that the new case option “is a woven shell”, in a post on Weibo. The same leaks were also found on X. While the leaked images from these sources do not necessarily reflect the official color options that Apple will offer, they do give us a glimpse into the potential aesthetic of the new woven-style cases.

Not sure which
mobile to buy?

The prospect of Apple discontinuing leather cases seems really odd, especially considering their popularity and the revenue they generate for the company. Typically, Apple’s annual iPhone model updates make it necessary for customers to buy new cases due to alterations in the phones’ dimensions.

Speculated reason to replace leather cases

Environmental consciousness appears to be a driving factor behind this potential shift away from leather cases. Leather production processes are known to have a significant environmental impact, making this move a logical step for Apple.

With the potential removal of leather cases and the introduction of innovative woven-style alternatives, this new rumor for the iPhone 15 lineup is certainly taking an interesting turn. As the official announcement of the iPhone 15 draws closer, consumers eagerly await confirmation of these exciting changes and the chance to experience Apple’s latest creations firsthand.

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