Camera configurations to new buttons, here’s a glimpse into the upcoming Apple iPhone 16

Apple’s next flagship, the iPhone 16, has been the subject of numerous leaks and rumors around its features and design. In the latest leak, drawings offer an intriguing glimpse into the potential design changes and new features that could be on the upcoming iPhone models.

The engineering drawings leaked on X by @MajinBuOfficial, reveal significant alterations to both the front and back of the iPhone 16. Notably, the front display showcases one pill-shaped and one circular cut-out, forming the Dynamic Island. This departure from the iPhone 15 models hints at new functionalities, possibly related to enhanced camera capabilities or innovative display features.

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Turning to the rear design, the drawings depict a pair of vertically aligned cameras, suggesting a return to this configuration for the main and ultrawide lenses. This alignment shift may facilitate the recording of Spatial video, a feature currently limited to the iPhone 15 Pro. Additionally, the flashlight appears to sit outside the camera block, indicative of a more compact design optimized for camera performance.

Examining the edges of the iPhone 16, observers note the presence of what seems to be a capacitive Capture button, positioned alongside the power button. This purported addition aims to streamline the photo and video capturing process, offering users a faster alternative to the on-screen shutter button. However, speculation persists regarding whether this button might replace the mmWave 5G antenna found in previous iPhone models.

Furthermore, the drawings suggest the inclusion of an Action button, potentially replacing the mute switch on the basic iPhone 16 models. This adjustment, coupled with the Capture button, hints at substantial revisions to the device’s side profile, enhancing user convenience and customization options.

While the leaked drawings primarily focus on external changes, rumors abound regarding internal enhancements, including AI-powered features and larger batteries. As anticipation builds for the iPhone 16’s expected debut in September, enthusiasts eagerly await further details from the rumor mill and official announcements from Apple. Stay tuned for comprehensive coverage and analysis as more information surfaces in the coming months.

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